RQGIS: Integrating R with QGIS for Statistical Geocomputing

Integrating R with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) extends R’s statistical capabilities with numerous geoprocessing and data handling tools available in a GIS. QGIS is one of the most popular open-source GIS, and it furthermore integrates other GIS programs such as the System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses (SAGA) GIS and the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) GIS within a single software environment. This and its QGIS Python API makes it a perfect candidate for console-based geoprocessing. By establishing an interface, the R package RQGIS makes it possible to use QGIS as a geoprocessing workhorse from within R. Compared to other packages building a bridge to GIS (e.g., rgrass7, RSAGA, RPyGeo), RQGIS offers a wider range of geoalgorithms, and is often easier to use due to various convenience functions. Finally, RQGIS supports the seamless integration of Python code using reticulate from within R for improved extendability.

Jannes Muenchow , Patrick Schratz , Alexander Brenning

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CRAN packages used

maptools, raster, sp, sf, mapview, mapmisc, osmar, dodgr, RArcInfo, rgrass7, mapedit, rgdal, rgeos, RSAGA, RPyGeo, RQGIS, reticulate, rPython, sperrorest, nlme, mgcv, spgrass6, leaflet

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Spatial, SpatioTemporal, Econometrics, Environmetrics, NumericalMathematics, SocialSciences, Bayesian, ChemPhys, Finance, HighPerformanceComputing, OfficialStatistics, Psychometrics, WebTechnologies


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Muenchow, et al., "The R Journal: RQGIS: Integrating R with QGIS for Statistical Geocomputing", The R Journal, 2017

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