The R Journal: Submissions

Instructions for authors

Please read the Instructions for Authors, which explains how to prepare an article for submission to The R Journal.

The following files provide the mandatory template for preparing an article for submission to the R Journal:

  • LaTeX style file: RJournal.sty.
  • fake Master LaTeX file: RJwrapper.tex.
  • article template: RJtemplate.tex (including figure: Rlogo-5.png and bibliography: RJreferences.bib).
  • example typeset template file: RJwrapper_orig.pdf.

Download the zip archive of template files into a directory, run tools::texi2pdf inside R a couple of times on RJwrapper.tex to produce a file RJwrapper.pdf, which shows how the template file would be typeset in an issue of The R Journal.

Submissions not using this template will be rejected without consideration. Do check that you are using at least version 0.13 of the LaTeX style file: RJournal.sty; the current version is contained in the zip archive of template files.

Submit online

R journal submission

To submit a new article to the R journal, please complete the form linked below. Note that journal policy changed in early 2017, and submissions of the "add-on packages" type will henceforth be subject to more rigorous scrutiny. If you are making a submission of this type, you should prepare a letter explaining how you meet our stronger requirements described prominently at the beginning of this website and in our Instructions for Authors.

If you have problems, first try to reduce the size of your submission zipfile as much as possible. If this does not help, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at <>.

R journal resubmissions or revisions

Resubmission and revisions to accepted articles are received through the same site where new submissions are received (link below). When providing a resubmission or revision, please enter the identifier of the original submission in the last field of the submission form below.

Submit an article, resubmission, or revision here.