Instructions for authors

Please read the Instructions for Authors, which explains how to prepare an article for submission to The R Journal.

The following files provide a template for preparing an article for submission to the R Journal:

Download the files into a directory, run pdflatex a couple of times on RJwrapper.tex to produce a file RJwrapper.pdf, which shows how the template file would be typeset in an issue of The R Journal. You can also download a copy of RJwrapper.pdf.

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R journal submission

To submit a new article to the R journal, please complete the fields below. If you have problems, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at <>.

Please do not use this form for resubmissions or revisions - email your editor directly.

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Please upload a zip file of the directory containing the sources of your article.

Submission checklist

Before submitting, please confirm that*

I have read the instructions for authors
I am using the latest version of the style file
My bibliography is stored in a separate bibtex (.bib) file
My article is called lastname.tex and I have updated RJwrapper.tex
I acknowledge that if accepted my article will be published with CC-BY license
The manuscript has not been published in a peer reviewed journal, and is not currently under review for another journal
All authors agree to submission of the article to the R Journal

If any additional latex packages are required to build your article, please list here separated by commas.