Volume 4/1

Articles published in the June 2012 issue

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Analysing Seasonal Data
Adrian G Barnett, Peter Baker and Annette J Dobson 5

MARSS: Multivariate Autoregressive State-space Models for Analyzing Time-series Data
Elizabeth E. Holmes, Eric J. Ward and Kellie Wills 11

openair - Data Analysis Tools for the Air Quality Community
Karl Ropkins and David C. Carslaw 20

Foreign Library Interface
Daniel Adler 30

Vdgraph: A Package for Creating Variance Dispersion Graphs
John Lawson 41

xgrid and R: Parallel Distributed Processing Using Heterogeneous Groups of Apple Computers
Sarah C. Anoke, Yuting Zhao, Rafael Jaeger and Nicholas J. Horton 45

maxent: An R Package for Low-memory Multinomial Logistic Regression with Support for Semi-automated Text Classification
Timothy P. Jurka 56

Sumo: An Authenticating Web Application with an Embedded R Session
Timothy T. Bergsma and Michael S. Smith 60

Who Did What? The Roles of R Package Authors and How to Refer to Them
Kurt Hornik, Duncan Murdoch and Achim Zeileis 64