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Nora M. Villanueva, Marta Sestelo, Luis Meira-Machado and Javier Roca-Pardiñas

Abstract In many situations it could be interesting to ascertain whether groups of curves can be performed, especially when confronted with a considerable number of curves. This paper introduces an R package, known as clustcurv, for determining clusters of curves with an automatic selection of their number. The package can be used for determining groups in multiple survival curves as well as for multiple regression curves. Moreover, it can be used with large numbers of curves. An illustration of the use of clustcurv is provided, using both real data examples and artificial data. Keywords: multiple curves, number of groups, nonparametric, survival analysis, regression models, cluster

Received: 2020-05-01; online 2021-06-07
CRAN packages: survminer, clustcurv, npregfast, ggplot2, doParallel, foreach, condSURV
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: Survival, Graphics, HighPerformanceComputing, Phylogenetics, TeachingStatistics

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