clustAnalytics: An R Package for Assessing Stability and Significance of Communities in Networks

This paper introduces the R package clustAnalytics, which comprises a set of criteria for assessing the significance and stability of communities in networks found by any clustering algorithm. clustAnalytics works with graphs of class igraph from the R-package igraph, extended to handle weighted and/or directed graphs. clustAnalytics provides a set of community scoring functions, and methods to systematically compare their values to those of a suitable null model, which are of use when testing for cluster significance. It also provides a non parametric bootstrap method combined with similarity metrics derived from information theory and combinatorics, useful when testing for cluster stability, as well as a method to synthetically generate a weighted network with a ground truth community structure based on the preferential attachment model construction, producing networks with communities and scale-free degree distribution.

Martí Renedo-Mirambell (Department of Computer Sciences,) , Argimiro Arratia (Soft Computing Research Group (SOCO))

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