MAINT.Data: Modelling and Analysing Interval Data in R

We present the CRAN R package MAINT.Data for the modelling and analysis of multivariate interval data, i.e., where units are described by variables whose values are intervals of IR, representing intrinsic variability. Parametric inference methodologies based on probabilistic models for interval variables have been developed, where each interval is represented by its midpoint and log-range, for

A. Pedro Duarte Silva , Paula Brito , Peter Filzmoser , José G. Dias

CRAN packages used

survreg, crch, MAINT.Data, symbolicDA, RSDA, iRegression, GPCSIV, sn, Rcpp, RcppArmadillo, rrcov, mclust, nycflights13, tidyverse

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

Cluster, Distributions, Econometrics, Environmetrics, HighPerformanceComputing, NumericalMathematics, Robust


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For attribution, please cite this work as

Silva, et al., "The R Journal: MAINT.Data: Modelling and Analysing Interval Data in R", The R Journal, 2021

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