ProjectManagement: an R Package for Managing Projects

Project management is an important body of knowledge and practices that comprises the planning, organisation and control of resources to achieve one or more pre-determined objectives. In this paper, we introduce ProjectManagement, a new R package that provides the necessary tools to manage projects in a broad sense, and illustrate its use by examples.

Juan Carlos Gonçalves-Dosantos , Ignacio García-Jurado , Julián Costa

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CRAN packages used

PlotPrjNetworks, plan, ProjectManagement, triangle, plotly, igraph, kappalab, GameTheory, lpSolveAPI

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

Optimization, Distributions, gR, Graphics, Spatial, WebTechnologies


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Gonçalves-Dosantos, et al., "The R Journal: ProjectManagement: an R Package for Managing Projects", The R Journal, 2020

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