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Julia Silge, John C. Nash and Spencer Graves

Abstract Today, the enormous number of contributed packages available to R users outstrips any given user’s ability to understand how these packages work, their relative merits, or how they are related to each other. We organized a plenary session at useR!2017 in Brussels for the R community to think through these issues and ways forward. This session considered three key points of discussion. Users can navigate the universe of R packages with (1) capabilities for directly searching for R packages, (2) guidance for which packages to use, e.g., from CRAN Task Views and other sources, and (3) access to common interfaces for alternative approaches to essentially the same problem.

Received: 2018-09-07; online 2018-12-08, supplementary material, (653 bytes)
CRAN packages: sos, CRANsearcher, utils, pkgdown, lfe, optimx
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: Econometrics, Optimization

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