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Pedro Cañadilla Jiménez and Yolanda Román Montoya

Abstract queueing is a package that solves and provides the main performance measures for both basic Markovian queueing models and single and multiclass product-form queueing networks. It can be used both in education and for professional purposes. It provides an intuitive, straightforward way to build queueing models using S3 methods. The package solves Markovian models of the form M/M/c/K/M/FCFS, open and closed single class Jackson networks, open and closed multiclass networks and mixed networks. Markovian models are used when both the customer inter-arrival time and the server processing time are exponentially distributed. Queueing network solvers are useful for modelling situations in which more than one station must be visited.

Received: 2016-11-16; online 2017-10-24
CRAN packages: simmer, queuecomputer, rSymPy, queueing , CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: NumericalMathematics

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