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Giorgio Alfredo Spedicato

Abstract The markovchain package aims to provide S4 classes and methods to easily handle Discrete Time Markov Chains (DTMCs), filling the gap with what is currently available in the CRAN repository. In this work, I provide an exhaustive description of the main functions included in the package, as well as hands-on examples.

Received: 2016-11-16; online 2017-07-24
CRAN packages: markovchain, clickstream, DTMCPack, MTCM, FuzzyStatProb, depmixS4, HMM, msm, heemod, TPmsm, Rcpp, igraph, matlab, Matrix, expm, method, expm, RcppParallel , CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: NumericalMathematics, HighPerformanceComputing, Survival, Cluster, Distributions, Econometrics, Finance, gR, Graphics, Multivariate, Optimization, Spatial, TimeSeries

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