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Market Area Analysis for Retail and Service Locations with MCI
Thomas Wieland

Abstract In retail location analysis, marketing research and spatial planning, the market areas of stores and/or locations are a frequent subject. Market area analyses consist of empirical observations and modeling via theoretical and/or econometric models such as the Huff Model or the Multiplicative Competitive Interaction Model. The authors’ package MCI implements the steps of market area analysis into R with a focus on fitting the models and data preparation and processing.

Received: 2016-09-12; online 2017-05-10
CRAN packages: MCI, SpatialPosition, ggmap, osmar, osrm, car, spgwr , CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: Spatial, WebTechnologies, Econometrics, Finance, Multivariate, SocialSciences

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