Volume 6/2, December 2014

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Deepayan Sarkar 3

Contributed Research Articles

Coordinate-Based Meta-Analysis of fMRI Studies with R
Andrea Stocco 5

Automatic Conversion of Tables to LongForm Dataframes
Jimmy Oh 16

Jonathan Zhang, Nancy Heckman, Davor Cubranic, Joel G. Kingsolver, Travis Gaydos, J. S. Marron 27

phaseR: An R Package for Phase Plane Analysis of Autonomous ODE Systems
Michael J. Grayling 43

Flexible R Functions for Processing Accelerometer Data, with Emphasis on NHANES 2003-2006
Dane R. Van Domelen, W. Stephen Pittard 52

Applying spartan to Understand Parameter Uncertainty in Simulations
Kieran Alden, Mark Read, Paul S. Andrews, Jon Timmis, Mark Coles 63

ngspatial: A Package for Fitting the Centered Autologistic and Sparse Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Areal Data
John Hughes 81

sgof: An R Package for Multiple Testing Problems
Irene Castro-Conde, Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez 96

bshazard: A Flexible Tool for Nonparametric Smoothing of the Hazard Function
Paola Rebora, Agus Salim, Marie Reilly 114

SMR: An R Package for Computing the Externally Studentized Normal Midrange Distribution
Ben Dêivide Oliveira Batista, Daniel Furtado Ferreira 123

Farewell's Linear Increments Model for Missing Data: The FLIM Package
Rune Hoff, Jon Michael Gran, Daniel Farewell 137

MVN: An R Package for Assessing Multivariate Normality
Selcuk Korkmaz, Dincer Goksuluk, Gokmen Zararsiz 151

qmethod: A Package to Explore Human Perspectives Using Q Methodology
Aiora Zabala 163

gset: An R Package for Exact Sequential Test of Equivalence Hypothesis Based on Bivariate Non-Central t-Statistics
Fang Liu 174

News and Notes

Conference Report: R in Insurance 2014
Markus Gesmann, Andreas Tsanakas 185

Conference Report Polish Academic R User Meeting
Maciej Beręsewicz, Alicja Szabelska, Joanna Zyprych-Walczak, Łukasz Wawrowski 187

R Foundation News
Martin Mächler, Kurt Hornik 190

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik, Achim Zeileis 192

Changes in R
The R Core Team 224

News from the Bioconductor Project
The Bioconductor Team 227