Volume 4/2, December 2012

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Editorial 3

Contributed research articles

What's in a Name?
Paul Murrell 5

It's Not What You Draw, It's What You Don't Draw
Paul Murrell 13

Debugging grid Graphics
Paul Murrell, Velvet Ly 19

frailtyHL: A Package for Fitting Frailty Models with H-likelihood
Il Do Ha, Maengseok Noh, Youngjo Lee 28

influence.ME: Tools for Detecting Influential Data in Mixed Effects Models
Rense Nieuwenhuis, Manfred te Grotenhuis, Ben Pelzer 38

The crs Package: Nonparametric Regression Splines for Continuous and Categorical Predictors
Zhenghua Nie, Jeffrey S. Racine 48

Rfit: Rank-based Estimation for Linear Models
John D. Kloke, Joseph W. McKean 57

Graphical Markov Models with Mixed Graphs in R
Kayvan Sadeghi, Giovanni M. Marchetti 65

Programmer's Niche
The State of Naming Conventions in R
Rasmus Bååth 74

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Changes in R 76

Changes on CRAN 80

News from the Bioconductor Project 101

R Foundation News 102