The R Journal: article published in 2010, volume 2:2

binGroup: A Package for Group Testing PDF download
Christopher R. Bilder, Boan Zhang, Frank Schaarschmidt and Joshua M. Tebbs , The R Journal (2010) 2:2, pages 56-60.

Abstract When the prevalence of a disease or of some other binary characteristic is small, group testing (also known as pooled testing) is frequently used to estimate the prevalence and/or to identify individuals as positive or negative. We have developed the binGroup package as the first package designed to address the estimation problem in group testing. We present functions to estimate an overall prevalence for a homogeneous population. Also, for this setting, we have functions to aid in the very important choice of the group size. When individuals come from a heterogeneous population, our group testing regression functions can be used to estimate an individual probability of disease positivity by using the group observations only. We illustrate our functions with data from a multiple vector transfer design experiment and a human infectious disease prevalence study.

CRAN packages: binGroup, binom

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