Volume 1/1, June 2009

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Editorial 3

Contributed research articles

Facets of R
John M. Chambers 5

Collaborative Software Development Using R-Forge
Stefan Theu├čl, Achim Zeileis 9

Drawing Diagrams with R
Paul Murrell 15

The hwriter Package
Gregoire Pau, Wolfgang Huber 22

AdMit: Adaptive Mixtures of Student-t Distributions
David Ardia, Lennart F. Hoogerheide, Herman K. van Dijk 25

expert: Modeling Without Data Using Expert Opinion
Vincent Goulet, Michel Jacques, Mathieu Pigeon 31

mvtnorm: New Numerical Algorithm for Multivariate Normal Probabilities
Xuefei Mi, Tetsuhisa Miwa, Torsten Hothorn 37

EMD: A Package for Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Spectrum
Donghoh Kim, Hee-Seok Oh 40

Sample Size Estimation while Controlling False Discovery Rate for Microarray Experiments Using the ssize.fdr Package
Megan Orr, Peng Liu 47

Easier Parallel Computing in R with snowfall and sfCluster
Jochen Knaus, Christine Porzelius, Harald Binder, Guido Schwarzer 54

PMML: An Open Standard for Sharing Models
Alex Guazzelli, Michael Zeller, Wen-Ching Lin, Graham Williams 60

News and notes

Forthcoming Events: Conference on Quantitative Social Science Research Using R 66

Forthcoming Events: DSC 2009 66

Forthcoming Events: useR! 2009 67

Conference Review: The 1st Chinese R Conference 69

Changes in R 2.9.0 71

Changes on CRAN 77

News from the Bioconductor Project 91

R Foundation News 92