Changes on CRAN

2023-02-01 to 2023-04-30

Kurt Hornik (WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) , Uwe Ligges (TU Dortmund) , Achim Zeileis (Universität Innsbruck)

In the past 3 months, 516 new packages were added to the CRAN package repository. 206 packages were unarchived, 416 were archived and 4 had to be removed. The following shows the growth of the number of active packages in the CRAN package repository:

CRAN growth: Number of CRAN packages over time in levels (left) and in logs (right).

On 2023-04-30, the number of active packages was around 19439.

0.1 CRAN package submissions

From February 2023 to April 2023 CRAN received 7905 package submissions. For these, 13597 actions took place of which 9071 (67%) were auto processed actions and 4526 (33%) manual actions.

Minus some special cases, a summary of the auto-processed and manually triggered actions follows:

archive inspect newbies pending pretest publish recheck waiting
auto 2276 1725 1370 0 0 2300 787 613
manual 1809 94 361 175 73 1497 406 111

These include the final decisions for the submissions which were

archive publish
auto 2126 (27.6%) 1977 (25.7%)
manual 1788 (23.2%) 1808 (23.5%)

where we only count those as auto processed whose publication or rejection happened automatically in all steps.

0.2 CRAN mirror security

Currently, there are 100 official CRAN mirrors, 80 of which provide both secure downloads via ‘httpsand use secure mirroring from the CRAN master (via rsync through ssh tunnels). Since the R 3.4.0 release, chooseCRANmirror() offers these mirrors in preference to the others which are not fully secured (yet).

0.3 CRAN Task View Initiative

There is one new task view:

Currently there are 43 task views (see, with median and mean numbers of CRAN packages covered 106 and 120, respectively. Overall, these task views cover 4344 CRAN packages, which is about 22% of all active CRAN packages.


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Hornik, et al., "Changes on CRAN", The R Journal, 2023

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