Conference Report of Why R? Turkey 2021

The Why R? Turkey 2021 as a three-day online conference was organized to bring together researchers and professionals from Turkey on April 16-17-18, 2021. We hereby aimed to promote the R community in Turkey by bringing R users with different backgrounds such as genetics, sociology, finance, economy, bio-statistics. There were 8 thematic sessions and 18 invited speakers. In this article, it is aimed to describe the preparation phase, technical details, and the impact of the conference on audience.

Mustafa Cavus (Eskisehir Technical University) , Olgun Aydın (Gdańsk University of Technology) , Ozan Evkaya (Padova University) , Ozancan Ozdemir (Middle East Technical University) , Deniz Bezer (Middle East Technical University) , Ugur Dar (Eskisehir Technical University)



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Cavus, et al., "Conference Report of Why R? Turkey 2021", The R Journal, 2021

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