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The ‘R Foundation News’ article from the 2017-1 issue.

Torsten Hothorn (

Universität Zürich, Switzerland


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Emilio Ciccone (Italy)
Guillaume Coqueret (France)
Yves Deville (France)
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Kem Phillips (United States)
Joshua Rosenstein (United States)
Stefan Wyder (Switzerland)

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Daniel Emaasit (United States)
Soo-Heang Eo (South Korea)
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Dieter Menne (Germany)
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Guido (Germany)
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Hannes Mühleisen (Netherlands)
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George Ostrouchov (United States)
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Lauf Peter (Germany)
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Thomas Petzoldt (Germany)
Jonas Ranstam (Sweden)
Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Jr (Brazil)
Marty Rose (United States)
Peter Ruckdeschel (Germany)
Bob Rudis (United States)
Manel Salamero (Spain)
Kenneth Spriggs (United States)
Julian Stander (United Kingdom)
Berthold Stegemann (Germany)
Nicholas Tierney (Australia)
Caoimhin Ua Buachalla (Ireland)
Shinya Uryu (Japan)
Mauricio Vargas (United States)
Steven Vasquez-Grinnell (United States)
Boris Veytsman (United States)
Vincent Vinh-Hung (Martinique)
Daehler Werner (Switzerland)
Jordan White (United States)
Andy Wills (United Kingdom)
Nan Xiao (United States)
Hiroaki Yutani (Japan)
Tomas Zelinsky (Slovakia)


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