Changes on CRAN

The ‘Changes on CRAN’ article from the 2016-1 issue.

Kurt Hornik (WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria) , Achim Zeileis (Universität Innsbruck, Austria)

In the past 8 months, 1322 new packages were added to the CRAN package repository. 43 packages were unarchived, 48 archived, 1 package had to be removed. The following shows the growth of the number of active packages in the CRAN package repository:

graphic without alt text

At the R Foundation’s General Assembly after UseR! 2016 in Stanford, the CRAN team asked for help, in particular for processing package submissions. Dirk Eddelbüttel, Duncan Murdoch, Deepayan Sarkar, and Duncan Temple Lang volunteered. Duncan Murdoch is already actively processing incoming CRAN submissions; expect other changes over the coming months.

New packages in CRAN task views


EEM, titrationCurves, webchem.


evclust, genie, treeClust.


EnvStats, KScorrect, bridgedist, extraDistr, extremefit, marg, mclust.


rUnemploymentData, wbstats.


FRAPO, XBRL, bootTimeInference, derivmkts, finreportr, obAnalytics.


LaF, RcppParallel, doFuture, future.BatchJobs, gpuR, h2o, randomForestSRC, sprint.


OneR, SIS, SuperLearner, evclass, h2o, hdm.


altmeta, bayesmeta, bmeta, gmeta, hetmeta, metansue, weightr.


conicfit, madness, matrixcalc, permutations.


convey, icarus.


cmaesr, nlmrt, parma, psoptim, rCMA, rLindo, scs, smoof.


ShinyItemAnalysis, blavaan\(^*\), bpca, difNLR, dualScale, metaSEM, quickpsy, wCorr.


DT, HTMLUtils, Kmisc, RefManageR, ReporteRs, SortableHTMLTables, apaStyle, archivist, checkpoint, compareGroups, connect3, formatR, formattable, highlight, highr, htmlTable, htmltools, humanFormat, kfigr, knitLatex, knitcitations, latex2exp, lazyWeave, lubridate, miniCRAN, packrat, prettyunits, rbundler, resumer, rmarkdown, rprintf, tufterhandout, ztable.




HSAR, ProbitSpatial, RNetCDF, S2sls, SpatialPosition, Watersheds, cartography, cleangeo, diseasemapping, gdalUtils, geoaxe, geostatsp, igraph, ipdw, lawn, lctools, magclass, mapmisc, mapview, ncdf4, quickmapr, recmap, shp2graph, spanel, statebins, stplanr.


VTrack, trackeR.


ForecastCombinations, M4comp, VARsignR, ZRA, carx, sleekts, stlplus, tsPI.


ApacheLogProcessor, AzureML, FastRWeb, GAR, RAdwords, RGoogleFit, ROpenWeatherMap, RSclient, RYandexTranslate, RZabbix, Rblpapi, Rexperigen, Rmonkey, Rserve, V8, WikiSocio, WikidataR, WufooR, abbyyR, aws.signature, backblazer, bigrquery, boxr, captr, clarifai, curlconverter, cymruservices, ddeploy, discgolf, fbRads, fitbitScraper, fitcoach, genderizeR, geocodeHERE, git2r, gitlabr, googlesheets, graphTweets, gsheet, httpcache, httping, instaR, jug, livechatR, longurl, lucr, mime, oai, osrm, pdftables, rLTP, randNames, rdatacite, request, restimizeapi, rgeolocate, rio, rorcid, rrefine, rvest, searchConsoleR, sendmailR, soql, telegram, threewords, tidyjson, transcribeR, tweet2r, urlshorteneR, webreadr, webshot, wikipediatrend, xml2, yummlyr.

(* = core package)


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