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Articles published in the June 2023 issue

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Simon Urbanek 3

Contributed Research Articles

nlstac: Non-Gradient Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Fitting
J. A. F. Torvisco, R. Benítez, M. R. Arias and J. Cabello Sánchez 5

hydrotoolbox, a Package for Hydrometeorological Data Management
Ezequiel Toum and Pierre Pitte 25

bqror: An R package for Bayesian Quantile Regression in Ordinal Models
Prajual Maheshwari and Mohammad Arshad Rahman 39

Gaussian Mixture Models in R
Bastien Chassagnol, Antoine Bichat, Cheïma Boudjeniba, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin, Mickaël Guedj, David Gohel, Gregory Nuel and Etienne Becht 56

mutualinf: An R Package for Computing and Decomposing the Mutual Information Index of Segregation
Rafael Fuentealba-Chaura, Daniel Guinea-Martin, Ricardo Mora and Julio Rojas-Mora 77

A Workflow for Estimating and Visualising Excess Mortality During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Garyfallos Konstantinoudis, Virgilio Gómez-Rubio, Michela Cameletti, Monica Pirani, Gianluca Baio and Marta Blangiardo 89

Generalized Estimating Equations using the new R package glmtoolbox
L.H. Vanegas, L.M. Rondón and G.A. Paula 105

clustAnalytics: An R Package for Assessing Stability and Significance of Communities in Networks
Martí Renedo-Mirambell and Argimiro Arratia 134

PINstimation: An R Package for Estimating Probability of Informed Trading Models
Montasser Ghachem and Oguz Ersan 145

EviewsR: An R Package for Dynamic and Reproducible Research Using EViews, R, R Markdown and Quarto
Sagiru Mati, Irfan Civcir and S. I. Abba 169

langevitour: Smooth Interactive Touring of High Dimensions, Demonstrated with scRNA-Seq Data
Paul Harrison 206

ggdensity: Improved Bivariate Density Visualization in R
James Otto and David Kahle 220

Three-Way Correspondence Analysis in R
Rosaria Lombardo, Michel van de Velden and Eric J. Beh 237

Estimating Heteroskedastic and Instrumental Variable Models for Binary Outcome Variables in R
Mauricio Sarrias 263

genpathmox: An R Package to Tackle Numerous Categorical Variables and Heterogeneity in Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling
Giuseppe Lamberti, 294

Taking the Scenic Route: Interactive and Performant Tour Animations
Casper Hart and Earo Wang 309

Identifying Counterfactual Queries with the R Package cfid
Santtu Tikka 332

vivid: An R package for Variable Importance and Variable Interactions Displays for Machine Learning Models
Alan Inglis, Andrew Parnell and Catherine Hurley 346