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Articles published in the June 2022 issue

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Catherine Hurley 4

Contributed Research Articles

brolgar: An R package to BRowse Over Longitudinal Data Graphically and Analytically in R
Nicholas Tierney, Dianne Cook and Tania Prvan 6

The Concordance Test, an Alternative to Kruskal-Wallis Based on the Kendall-\(\tau\) Distance: An R Package
Javier Alcaraz, Laura Anton-Sanchez and Juan Francisco Monge 26

htestClust: A Package for Marginal Inference of Clustered Data Under Informative Cluster Size
Mary Gregg, Somnath Datta and Douglas Lorenz 54

akc: A Tidy Framework for Automatic Knowledge Classification in R
Tian-Yuan Huang, Li Li and Liying Yang 67

APCI: An R and Stata Package for Visualizing and Analyzing Age-Period-Cohort Data
Jiahui Xu and Liying Luo 77

shinybrms: Fitting Bayesian Regression Models Using a Graphical User Interface for the R Package brms
Frank Weber, Katja Ickstadt and Änne Glass 96

Quantifying Population Movement Using a Novel Implementation of Digital Image Correlation in the ICvectorfields Package
Devin W. Goodsman 121

Refreg: An R Package for Estimating Conditional Reference Regions
Óscar Lado-Baleato, Javier Roca-Pardiñas, Carmen Cadarso-Suárez and Francisco Gude 135

TensorTest2D: Fitting Generalized Linear Models with Matrix Covariates
Ping-Yang Chen, Hsing-Ming Chang, Yu-Ting Chen, Jung-Ying Tzeng and Sheng-Mao Chang 152

wavScalogram: An R Package with Wavelet Scalogram Tools for Time Series Analysis
Vicente J. Bolós and Rafael Benı́tez 164

ClusTorus: An R Package for Prediction and Clustering on the Torus by Conformal Prediction
Seungki Hong and Sungkyu Jung 186

kStatistics: Unbiased Estimates of Joint Cumulant Products from the Multivariate Faà Di Bruno’s Formula
Elvira Di Nardo and Giuseppe Guarino 208

iccCounts: An R Package to Estimate the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient for Assessing Agreement with Count Data
Josep L. Carrasco 229

R-miss-tastic: a unified platform for missing values methods and workflows
Imke Mayer, Aude Sportisse, Julie Josse, Nicholas Tierney and Nathalie Vialaneix 244

An Open-Source Implementation of the CMPS Algorithm for Assessing Similarity of Bullets
Wangqian Ju and Heike Hofmann 267

rassta: Raster-Based Spatial Stratification Algorithms
Bryan A. Fuentes, Minerva J. Dorantes and John R. Tipton 286

PDFEstimator: An R Package for Density Estimation and Analysis
Jenny Farmer and Donald Jacobs 305

reclin2: a Toolkit for Record Linkage and Deduplication
D. Jan van der Laan 320

News and Notes

News from the Bioconductor Project
Bioconductor Core Team 329

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik, Uwe Ligges and Achim Zeileis 332

News from the Forwards Taskforce
Heather Turner 334

Changes in R
Tomas Kalibera, Sebastian Meyer and Kurt Hornik 336

R Foundation News
Torsten Hothorn 339

The Conference Report of Why R? Turkey 2022: The First R Conference with Call For Papers in Turkey
Mustafa Cavus, Olgun Aydin, Ozan Evkaya, Derya Turfan, Filiz Karadag, Ozancan Ozdemir, Ugur Dar and Deniz Bezer 340