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Catherine Hurley 4

Contributed Research Articles

A Computational Analysis of the Dynamics of R Style Based on 108 Million Lines of Code from All CRAN Packages in the Past 21 Years
Chia-Yi Yen, Mia Huai-Wen Chang and Chung-hong Chan 6

rmonad: pipelines you can compute on
Zebulun Arendsee, Jennifer Chang and Eve Wurtele 22

A Software Tool For Sparse Estimation Of A General Class Of High-dimensional GLMs
Hassan Pazira, Luigi Augugliaro and Ernst C. Wit 34

bayesanova: An R package for Bayesian Inference in the Analysis of Variance via Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Gaussian Mixture Models
Riko Kelter 54

tvReg: Time-varying Coefficients in Multi-Equation Regression in R
Isabel Casas and Rubén Fernández-Casal 79

RKHSMetaMod: An R Package to Estimate the Hoeffding Decomposition of a Complex Model by Solving RKHS Ridge Group Sparse Optimization Problem
Halaleh Kamari, Sylvie Huet and Marie-Luce Taupin 101

Measuring the Extent and Patterns of Urban Shrinkage for Small Towns Using R
Cristiana Vîlcea, Liliana Popescu and Alin Clincea 123

blindrecalc - An R Package for Blinded Sample Size Recalculation
Lukas Baumann, Maximilian Pilz and Meinhard Kieser 137

Revisiting Historical Bar Graphics on Epidemics in the Era of R ggplot2
Sami Aldag, Dogukan Topcuoglu and Gul Inan 146

spherepc: An R Package for Dimension Reduction on a Sphere
Jongmin Lee, Jang-Hyun Kim and Hee-Seok Oh 167

The smoots Package in R for Semiparametric Modeling of Trend Stationary Time Series
Yuanhua Feng, Thomas Gries, Sebastian Letmathe and Dominik Schulz 182

cpsurvsim: An R Package for Simulating Data from Change-Point Hazard Distributions
Camille J. Hochheimer, PhD and Roy T. Sabo, PhD 196

starvars: An R Package for Analysing Nonlinearities in Multivariate Time Series
Andrea Bucci, Giulio Palomba and Eduardo Rossi 208

fairmodels: a Flexible Tool for Bias Detection, Visualization, and Mitigation in Binary Classification Models
Jakub Wiśniewski and Przemysław Biecek 227

Palmer Archipelago Penguins Data in the palmerpenguins R Package - An Alternative to Anderson’s Irises
Allison M. Horst, Alison Presmanes Hill and Kristen B. Gorman 244

Advancing Reproducible Research by Publishing R Markdown Notebooks as Interactive Sandboxes Using the learnr Package
Chak Hau Michael Tso, Michael Hollaway, Rebecca Killick, Peter Henrys, Don Monteith, John Watkins and Gordon Blair 255

Power and Sample Size for Longitudinal Models in R – The longpower Package and Shiny App
Samuel Iddi and Michael C Donohue 264

PSweight: An R Package for Propensity Score Weighting Analysis
Tianhui Zhou, Guangyu Tong, Fan Li, Laine E. Thomas and Fan Li 282

RFpredInterval: An R Package for Prediction Intervals with Random Forests and Boosted Forests
Cansu Alakus, Denis Larocque and Aurélie Labbe 300

etrm: Energy Trading and Risk Management in R
Anders D. Sleire 320

fcaR, Formal Concept Analysis with R
Pablo Cordero, Manuel Enciso, Domingo López-Rodríguez and Ángel Mora 341

FMM: An R Package for Modeling Rhythmic Patterns in Oscillatory Systems
Itziar Fernández, Alejandro Rodríguez-Collado, Yolanda Larriba, Adrián Lamela, Christian Canedo and Cristina Rueda 361

News and Notes

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik, Uwe Ligges and Achim Zeileis 380

R Foundation News
Torsten Hothorn 382