R News Volume 8/2

Articles published in the October 2008 issue of R News

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Table of contents

John Fox 1

Contributed Research Articles

An introduction to rggobi
Hadley Wickham, Michael Lawrence, Duncan Temple Lang and Deborah F. Swayne 3

Introducing the bipartite package: Analysing ecological networks
Carsten F. Dormann, Bernd Gruber and Jochen Fründ 8

The profileModel R package: Profiling objectives for models with linear predictors
Ioannis Kosmidis 12

An introduction to text mining in R
Ingo Feinerer 19

Animation: A package for statistical animations
Yihui Xie and Xiaoyue Cheng 23

The VGAM package
Thomas W. Yee 28

Comparing non-identical objects
Paul Murrell 40

Mvna: An R package for the Nelson-Aalen estimator in multistate models
A. Allignol, J. Beyersmann and M. Schumacher 48

Programmers’ Niche: The Y of R
Vince Carey 51

News and Notes

Changes in R Version 2.8.0
R Core Team 54

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik 60

News from the Bioconductor Project
Bioconductor Team 69

useR! 2008
Uwe Ligges, Achim Zeileis, Claus Weihs, Gerd Kopp, Friedrich Leisch and Torsten Hothorn 71

Forthcoming Events: useR! 2009
David Causeur, Julie Josse, François Husson, Maela Kloareg, Sébastien Lê, Eric Matzner-Løber and Jérôme Pagès 73

Forthcoming Events: DSC 2009

R Foundation News
Kurt Hornik 74