exPrior: An R Package for the Formulation of Ex-Situ Priors

The exPrior package implements a procedure for formulating informative priors of geostatistical properties for a target field site, called ex-situ priors and introduced in (Cucchi et al. 2019). The procedure uses a Bayesian hierarchical model to assimilate multiple types of data coming from multiple sites considered as similar to the target site. This prior summarizes the information contained in the data in the form of a probability density function that can be used to better inform further geostatistical investigations at the site. The formulation of the prior uses ex-situ data, where the data set can either be gathered by the user or come in the form of a structured database. The package is designed to be flexible in that regard. For illustration purposes and for easiness of use, the package is ready to be used with the worldwide hydrogeological parameter database (WWHYPDA) (Comunian and Renard 2009).

Falk Heße (Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences) , Karina Cucchi (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) , Nura Kawa (Department of Statistics) , Yoram Rubin (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

A. Comunian and P. Renard. Introducing wwhypda: A world-wide collaborative hydrogeological parameters database. Hydrogeology Journal, 17(2): 481–489, 2009. DOI 10.1007/s10040-008-0387-x.
K. Cucchi, F. Heße, N. Kawa, C. Wang and Y. Rubin. Ex-situ priors: A Bayesian hierarchical framework for defining informative prior distributions in hydrogeology. Advances in Water Resources, 126: 65–78, 2019. DOI 10.1016/j.advwatres.2019.02.003.



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