biclustermd: An R Package for Biclustering with Missing Values

Biclustering is a statistical learning technique that attempts to find homogeneous partitions of rows and columns of a data matrix. For example, movie ratings might be biclustered to group both raters and movies. biclust is a current R package allowing users to implement a variety of biclustering algorithms. However, its algorithms do not allow the data matrix to have missing values. We provide a new R package, biclustermd, which allows users to perform biclustering on numeric data even in the presence of missing values.

John Reisner , Hieu Pham , Sigurdur Olafsson , Stephen Vardeman , Jing Li

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biclust, superbiclust, s4vd, BiBitR, biclustermd, clues, nycflights13, tidyverse, ggplot2

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Graphics, Cluster, Phylogenetics, TeachingStatistics

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Reisner, et al., "biclustermd: An R Package for Biclustering with Missing Values", The R Journal, 2019

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