orthoDr: Semiparametric Dimension Reduction via Orthogonality Constrained Optimization

orthoDr is a package in R that solves dimension reduction problems using orthogonality constrained optimization approach. The package serves as a unified framework for many regression and survival analysis dimension reduction models that utilize semiparametric estimating equations. The main computational machinery of orthoDr is a first-order algorithm developed by Wen and Yin (2012) for optimization within the Stiefel manifold. We implement the algorithm through Rcpp and OpenMP for fast computation. In addition, we developed a general-purpose solver for such constrained problems with user-specified objective functions, which works as a drop-in version of optim(). The package also serves as a platform for future methodology developments along this line of work.

Ruoqing Zhu , Jiyang Zhang , Ruilin Zhao , Peng Xu , Wenzhuo Zhou , Xin Zhang

Supplementary materials

Supplementary materials are available in addition to this article. It can be downloaded at RJ-2019-006.zip

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orthoDr, Rcpp, RcppArmadillo, ManifoldOpthm

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NumericalMathematics, HighPerformanceComputing


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Zhu, et al., "orthoDr: Semiparametric Dimension Reduction via Orthogonality Constrained Optimization", The R Journal, 2019

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