GrpString: An R Package for Analysis of Groups of Strings

The R package GrpString was developed as a comprehensive toolkit for quantitatively analyzing and comparing groups of strings. It offers functions for researchers and data analysts to prepare strings from event sequences, extract common patterns from strings, and compare patterns be tween string vectors. The package also finds transition matrices and complexity of strings, determines clusters in a string vector, and examines the statistical difference between two groups of strings.

Hui Tang , Elizabeth L. Day , Molly B. Atkinson , Norbert J. Pienta

Supplementary materials

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CRAN packages used

stringr, stringb, stringi, gsubfn, uniqtag, stringdist, TraMineR, informR, GrpString, entropy

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

NaturalLanguageProcessing, OfficialStatistics, Survival


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Tang, et al., "The R Journal: GrpString: An R Package for Analysis of Groups of Strings", The R Journal, 2018

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