Web Technologies Task View

This article presents the CRAN Task View on Web Technologies. We describe the most important aspects of Web Technologies and Web Scraping and list some of the packages that are currently available on CRAN. Finally, we plot the network of Web Technology related package dependencies.

Patrick Mair , Scott Chamberlain

CRAN packages used

XML, RCurl, rjson, RJSONIO, jsonlite, httr, ROAuth, shiny, rgbif, rfishbase, rfisheries, rsnps, rentrez, crn, RNCEP, WDI, TFX, anametrix, rpubchem, cimis, nhlscrapr, tm, translate, scholar, RgoogleMap, Rfacebook, twitteR, streamR, AWS.tools, MTurkR, GuardianR, igraph

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

WebTechnologies, Spatial, ChemPhys, Finance, gR, Graphics, HighPerformanceComputing, NaturalLanguageProcessing, Optimization


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For attribution, please cite this work as

Mair & Chamberlain, "The R Journal: Web Technologies Task View", The R Journal, 2014

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