Archiving Reproducible Research with R and Dataverse

Reproducible research and data archiving are increasingly important issues in research involving statistical analyses of quantitative data. This article introduces the dvn package, which allows R users to publicly archive datasets, analysis files, codebooks, and associated metadata in Dataverse Network online repositories, an open-source data archiving project sponsored by Harvard University. In this article I review the importance of data archiving in the context of reproducible research, introduces the Dataverse Network, explain the implementation of the dvn package, and provide example code for archiving and releasing data using the package.

Thomas J. Leeper

CRAN packages used

dvn, knitr, rfigshare, RCurl, XML, rfigshare, rdryad, OAIHarvester

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

WebTechnologies, Phylogenetics, ReproducibleResearch


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Leeper, "The R Journal: Archiving Reproducible Research with R and Dataverse", The R Journal, 2014

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