PivotalR: A Package for Machine Learning on Big Data

PivotalR is an R package that provides a front-end to PostgreSQL and all PostgreSQL-like databases such as Pivotal Inc.’s Greenplum Database (GPDB) (Pivotal Inc., 2013a), HAWQ (Pivotal Inc., 2013b). When running on the products of Pivotal Inc., PivotalR utilizes the full power of parallel computation and distributive storage, and thus gives the normal R user access to big data. PivotalR also provides the R wrapper for MADlib. MADlib is an open-source library for scalable in-database analytics. It provides data-parallel implementations of mathematical, statistical and machine-learning algorithms for structured and unstructured data. Thus PivotalR also enables the user to apply machine learning algorithms onto big data.

Hai Qian

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PivotalR, RPostgreSQL, shiny

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