Solving Differential Equations in R

Although R is still predominantly applied for statistical analysis and graphical representation, it is rapidly becoming more suitable for mathematical computing. One of the fields where considerable progress has been made recently is the solution of differential equations. Here we give a brief overview of differential equations that can now be solved by R.

Karline Soetaert , Thomas Petzoldt , R. Woodrow Setzer

CRAN packages used

limSolve, rootSolve, deSolve, bvpSolve, ReacTran, PBSddesolve, sde, pomp, bvpSolve, ReacTran, deSolve, deSolve, ReacTran, deSolve, odesolve, odesolve, nlmeODE, FME, ccems, ReacTran

CRAN Task Views implied by cited packages

DifferentialEquations, Pharmacokinetics, TimeSeries, Bayesian, Finance, Optimization


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Soetaert, et al., "Solving Differential Equations in R", The R Journal, 2010

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