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Ana López-Cheda, M. Amalia Jácome and Ignacio López-de-Ullibarri

Abstract Mixture cure models have been widely used to analyze survival data with a cure fraction. They assume that a subgroup of the individuals under study will never experience the event (cured subjects). So, the goal is twofold: to study both the cure probability and the failure time of the uncured individuals through a proper survival function (latency). The R package npcure implements a completely nonparametric approach for estimating these functions in mixture cure models, considering right-censored survival times. Nonparametric estimators for the cure probability and the latency as functions of a covariate are provided. Bootstrap bandwidth selectors for the estimators are included. The package also implements a nonparametric covariate significance test for the cure probability which can be applied with a continuous, discrete or qualitative covariate.

Received: 2019-07-19; online 2021-06-07
CRAN packages: smcure, NPHMC, flexsurvcure, rcure, geecure, miCoPTCM, mixcure, GORcure, intercure, npcure, condSURV, prodlim, survidm, KMsurv
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