The R Journal: article published in 2019, volume 11:2

BondValuation: An R Package for Fixed Coupon Bond Analysis PDF download
Wadim Djatschenko , The R Journal (2019) 11:2, pages 124-141.

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to introduce the R package BondValuation for the analysis of large datasets of fixed coupon bonds. The conceptual heterogeneity of fixed coupon bonds traded in the global markets imposes a high degree of complexity on their comparative analysis. Contrary to baseline fixed income theory, in practice, most bonds feature coupon period irregularities. In addition, there are a multitude of day count methods that determine the interest accrual, the cash flows and the discount factors used in bond valuation. Several R packages, e.g., fBonds, RQuantLib, and YieldCurve, provide tools for fixed income analysis. Nevertheless, none of them is capable of evaluating bonds featuring irregular first and/or final coupon periods, and neither provides adequate coverage of day count conventions currently used in the global bond markets. The R package BondValuation closes this gap using the generalized valuation methodology presented in Djatschenko (2019).

Received: 2018-12-01; online 2020-01-06, supplementary material, (3.3 KiB)
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