The R Journal: article published in 2019, volume 11:2

Time Series Forecasting with KNN in R: the tsfknn Package PDF download
Francisco Martínez, María P. Frías, Francisco Charte and Antonio J. Rivera , The R Journal (2019) 11:2, pages 229-242.

Abstract In this paper the tsfknn package for time series forecasting using k-nearest neighbor regres sion is described. This package allows users to specify a KNN model and to generate its forecasts. The user can choose among different multi-step ahead strategies and among different functions to aggregate the targets of the nearest neighbors. It is also possible to assess the forecast accuracy of the KNN model.

Received: 2018-05-29; online 2019-07-30, supplementary material, (718 B)
CRAN packages: forecast, caret, nnfor, tsfknn, forecastHybrid, GMDH, NTS, tsDyn, nnet, neuralnet
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: TimeSeries, Econometrics, Finance, MachineLearning, Environmetrics, HighPerformanceComputing, MissingData, Multivariate, SocialSciences

CC BY 4.0
This article and supplementary materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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