The R Journal: article published in 2019, volume 11:1

atable: Create Tables for Clinical Trial Reports PDF download
Armin Ströbel , The R Journal (2019) 11:1, pages 137-148.

Abstract Examining distributions of variables is the first step in the analysis of a clinical trial before more specific modelling can begin. Reporting these results to stakeholders of the trial is an essential part of a statistician’s work. The atable package facilitates these steps by offering easy-to-use but still flexible functions.

Received: 2018-10-08; online 2019-07-22, supplementary material, (2 KiB)
CRAN packages: multgee, Hmisc, knitr, xtable, flextable, settings, survival, furniture, tableone, stargazer, DescTools, margrittr, dplyr
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: ReproducibleResearch, SocialSciences, ClinicalTrials, Econometrics, MissingData, Bayesian, ModelDeployment, Multivariate, OfficialStatistics, Survival

CC BY 4.0
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