The R Journal: article published in 2015, volume 7:1

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Paul Murrell , The R Journal (2015) 7:1, pages 151-162.

Abstract The gridGraphics package provides a function, grid.echo(), that can be used to convert a plot drawn with the graphics package to a visually identical plot drawn using grid. This conversion provides access to a variety of grid tools for making customisations and additions to the plot that are not possible with the graphics package.

Received: 2014-11-30; online 2015-04-23
CRAN packages: gridGraphics, lattice, ggplot2, plotrix, maps, gridBase, gridSVG
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: Graphics, Multivariate, Pharmacokinetics, Phylogenetics, Spatial

CC BY 4.0
This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license .

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