The R Journal: article published in 2013, volume 5:2

RNetCDF - A Package for Reading and Writing NetCDF Datasets PDF download
Pavel Michna and Milton Woods , The R Journal (2013) 5:2, pages 29-36.

Abstract This paper describes the RNetCDF package (version 1.6), an interface for reading and writing files in Unidata NetCDF format, and gives an introduction to the NetCDF file format. NetCDF is a machine independent binary file format which allows storage of different types of array based data, along with short metadata descriptions. The package presented here allows access to the most important functions of the NetCDF C-interface for reading, writing, and modifying NetCDF datasets. In this paper, we present a short overview on the NetCDF file format and show usage examples of the package.

Received: 2012-08-27; online 2013-10-14
CRAN packages: RNetCDF, ncdf, ncdf4
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: Spatial, SpatioTemporal

CC BY 4.0
This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license .

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