The R Journal: article published in 2012, volume 4:1

Sumo: An Authenticating Web Application with an Embedded R Session PDF download
Timothy T. Bergsma and Michael S. Smith , The R Journal (2012) 4:1, pages 60-63.

Abstract Sumo is a web application intended as a template for developers. It is distributed as a Java ‘war’ file that deploys automatically when placed in a Servlet container’s ‘webapps’ directory. If a user supplies proper credentials, Sumo creates a session-specific Secure Shell connection to the host and a user-specific R session over that connection. Developers may write dynamic server pages that make use of the persistent R session and user-specific file space. The supplied example plots a data set conditional on preferences indicated by the user; it also displays some static text. A companion server page allows the user to interact directly with the R session. Sumo’s novel feature set complements previous efforts to supply R functionality over the internet.

CRAN packages: Rpad, brew, R.rsp, Rook, Rserve, R2HTML
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